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Season Memberships:

The Symphony offers season memberships which are important in three ways:

Anyone who buys a season membership becomes a member of the Symphony Association and will be listed in a special section of the programs for all the concerts.

The following table shows the membership categories that are available. Please consider choosing one of the supplemental levels of support. These levels help to continue the quality of music that you have come to expect.

Basic Levels
Supplemental Levels
Visionary$1,000 and up
Investor$500 - $999
Benefactor$300 - $499
Donor$150 - $299
Patron$100 - $149
Sustaining$80 - $99

We also welcome individual sponsors for concerts and soloists. For more information, please mail your name and address to the Fort Dodge Area Symphony, P. O. Box 1291, Fort Dodge, IA 5050l. You can also use this address if you are interested in receiving a membership brochure.

Single Admission Tickets:

Single admission tickets are available at each concert. The prices for the concerts are $10.00 for adult and $6.00 for students.