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Jive for Five
Brass Quintet


Jive For Five brass quintet has been entertaining audiences since 2002. The players are all long time music educators in North Central Iowa, with a combined total of over 150 years of teaching music students. As performers with a library of over 500 pieces of music, they enjoy performing all styles of music, from Renaissance to Jazz, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Jive plays for any occasion, and has played with the Karl L. King Band, the Ames Municipal Band, the OPUS middle school all-state festival, The World Food Prize ceremony, and recently the Iowa Governor's Gala, with a special selection for TV/Movie Producer Normal Lear. The members are: Kathy Yoakam (horn), Dan Cassady (trombone), Paul Bloomquist (tuba), David Swaroff (trumpet) and Tim Miller (trumpet).